8 Laman Web Premium Torrent / Private Tracker Terbaik Mei 2021

Sebilangan besar laman web torrent tergolong dalam beberapa kategori, masing-masing berpusat pada jenis kandungan yang mereka tawarkan. Beberapa mempunyai banyak muzik atau filem, sementara yang lain mengawasi siaran e-buku atau rancangan TV klasik . Kami mengumpulkan beberapa laman web torrenting swasta yang paling popular yang memberikan kualiti terbaik dan pilihan terbesar di bahagian khusus mereka. Kami juga memberitahu anda betapa mudahnya mendapatkan akses ke laman web ini, kerana ini sering menjadi salah satu kunci utama untuk menggunakan laman web swasta.

IPTorrents is the best General Tracker out there, . Whether this is pre-times, content, speed, retention periods or even the community, there is no competition among the other general trackers out there.

On IPTorrents users can find anything TV Shows/Movies/Music/Games/0Day The massive userbase along with many seedboxes guarantees very fast speeds. But don’t let this scare you. Ratio building is easy, not only because of the big swarm, but also because they have many FreeLeech torrents which along with the Bonus Points can help achieve a decent ratio.

AvistaZ is a tracker for Asian contents except asian porn. Only media produced in South, Southeast, East Asian countries like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, India are allowed here. Avistaz is a sister tracker of PrivateHD, Cinemaz, Exoticaz. It has a great variety of Asian TV-Shows, movies and music, uploaded regularly. They have a lot of Full Blurays to encodes of movies and TV. It has internal BluRay remux group TRiToN and encode releaser AppleTor. You can find a lot of contents from ADC, M-Team, CHDBits, TTG, HDChina and others Chinese trackers. So if you are a fan of Asian contents and you can’t join large Chinese trackers then this is the right place for you. They also have a fairly large community. They have 140k users and 75k+ torrents. They have a lot of 100%/50% freeleech torrents and which will make easy to build a good ratio.

Beyond- HD is home of FraMeSToR you might have seen releases from this group on various trackers . BHD is one of the must have tracker , they are very much active about posting new content you will find 720p and 4K releases which they have recently introduced on their tracker and like old times you will be able to find Remux, 1080, 3D and other releases from BHDStudio. they change their tracker style and yes they have internal release . recently they made change in their IRC channel the channel is now invite only with a passkey required to enter.

MyAnonamouse is a private E-Learning tracker for Audio books, Ebooks, comics, radio etc. MyAnonamouse is the best tracker as they don’t have harsh rules and the staff is very friendly. There are lot of E-Learning uploads there and some uploads have VIP status which can be downloaded by exchanging the bonus points and get the VIP status.
They have more than +616k torrents with more than +62k users at the moment. Their huge collection of e-books, audiobooks, radio programs and even music sheets can really impress any of those who love reading.
You can always find interesting topics at the forums or just chat to other users at IRC page.
Ratio maintaining there is easy but, of course, seeding e-books (H&R: 72 hours) is not the same as seeding HD-movies. Plus, if you use seedbox, you should tell staff about it. They’re really serious about it. So, the most effective way of maintaining ratio is uploading. But you have to pass the exam based on basic rules to have the ability to upload stuff.

Tracker Name: Myanonamouse
Tracker URL: https://www.myanonanouse.net
Tracker Genre: E-Learning
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup: Invite Only/Application
Maintaining Ratio: Easy
Bonus System: Yes
Banned Countries: None
Tracker IRC: :irc.myanonamouse.net Channel: #anonamouse.net

Redacted / Passtheheadphones.me / PTH – it is a great new music tracker, which recently started to develop rapidly and filled after closing of the famous What.cd tracker. In the near future the majority of former members What.cd will flow gradually to PTH tracker with all torrents database. Recently the tracker has change its URL and now PTH also known like Redacted.ch tracker.
REDActed (Aka.PassTheHeadPhones) is one of the well-known music trackers running on Gazelle with extremly high demand among torrenters.
Tracker features both lossless and lossy music , beside music it also has a large collection of audio software, music related eBooks, audiobooks, comics and music-related eLearning videos.
With a wide selection of music stuffs encoded in variety of formats & well-seeded torrents , make RED really a paradise for MusicLovers.
RED arised on Nov.2016 after the closage of the big What.CD and became large and popular very fast.
Most of the users have seedboxes so the speeds on the tracker are great !
RED staff bans alot so be a good user or you will find yourself out of there very fast.
Maintain ratio is hard tends to moderate as :
– No site-wide freeleech events , but not NEVER (it’s just too RARE).
– No bonus points system is implemented , makes it more harder to get good standings there.

Tracker Name : Redacted
Tracker URL : https://redacted.ch/
Tracker Genre : Music
Tracker Type : Ratio Based
Tracker Signup : Invite Only
Bonus System : N/A
Seed Difficulty : Hard
Tracker IRC : irc.scratch-network.net
SSL ports: 6697 or 7000
Unencrypted port: 6667
Banned Countries :  None

AnimeTorrents.me is a private torrent tracker specializing in Anime Movies, Anime TV Series, OVA (Original Video Animation), Manga, Light Novels and Hentai in DVDRIP, BDRip, Blu-Ray and HD (720p/1080p). Majority of the content uploaded to this tracker are produced in Japan and other Asian countries. All the Anime, OVA and Hentai uploaded here have English subtitles
• AnimeTorrents has approximately 36,000 users and 17,000 torrents

Tracker Name  : AnimeTorrent
Tracker URL  : http://animetorrent.me
Tracker Genre  : Anime
Tracker Type  : Ratio Based
Tracker SignUp  : Invite Only
Maintain Ratio  : Easy
Bonus System  : Available
Banned Countries : None
Tracker Irc : irc.rizon.net #AnimeTorrents

UHDBits is a private tracker specialized in HD/BluRay content with a 7 years old tracker that started slow but now getting more n more better.
They got around 6.6K registered members with 34K uploaded torrents (24K on 2019 review) which makes a diff. about +10K newly uploaded stuffs which makes it absolutely a nice active one.
They have their internal release (encoders) groups : the most active one “TayTO” along with DON, HaB, HDVN, KASHMiR, PIS, PRiMaLHD, UHDRemux (DKT, EEEEE, KHu, LDX, LiquidHD, $a!nt, TCO, VoLT).
Maintain ratio is really easy as :
– Most of their newly uploaded torrents are 100% freeleech.
– Bonus points system is implemented , where you can buy extra GBs.
No need to be an uploader to upload your stuffs there , it’s opened to PowerUser / above ! so we can add this as a Plus+ for getting good standings easily there.
Tracker community is active & requests are being fulfilled as fast as possible with nice speeds.
Since last year , they started to add 4K torrent movies which makes the place more better for high quality seekers!
IMO , UHDBits is one of the best high quality movie trackers around , an easy tracker to join & not hard to deal with your ratio there ..

Tracker Name : UHDBits
Tracker URL : https://uhdbits.org/
Tracker Genre : HD
Tracker Type : Ratio Based
Tracker Signup : Invite Only
Bonus System : Yes
Seed Difficulty : Easy
Tracker IRC : irc.p2p-network.net:6667
Banned Countries :  None

Ohmenarikgila adalah tracker dari Malaysia. Tracker ini menyediakan koleksi filem, drama, musik dan pelbagai lagi dari Malaysia. Tracker ini adalah sangat susah nak masuk sebab hanya melalui jemputan sahaja.