Blazeshosting Seedbox


Frequent Asked Questions

Mostly they keep ask us about same question. So I write it here, so you can read before buy

It means you have to share the resources of a given server (RAM, CPU, HDDs, Link etc.) with people who bought the same account as you.

Yes, but on request only. Please open ticket if you want.


We use ruTorrent. Because it more stable and has more features

Yes. If you see no autodl-irrsi let us know.

We regret to say it is not possible. If we use immediate cancellation the service we want to close will be switched off within 24 hours but no refund will be given for the time not used.

Your download speeds shouldn’t be affected too much. If you are experiencing slow FTP speeds then you can use multi-segmenting download and increase the number of connections on Cuteftp or Igetter, however you shouldn’t have any issues when downloading from our servers.

No, But to be fair to all users on server if there is an abnormal usage on an account we regulate its upload speeds. See packages we offer, if stated got bandwidth it will state there.

Malaysia Local Bank

We accept local bank transfer from Malaysia bank. Our main bank account is Maybank2u. No fees when using this.


We accept payment from PayPal. The fees are RM5.00 per transaction for next month.


Toyyibpay is a Malaysia payment gateway. Using this you can pay through FPX and Credit card. The fees are RM2.00 per transaction for the next month.


Are you using credit card, pay with secure using this.

Yes, we allow download public trackers on all our seedboxes. But, once the torrent finish downloading it will automatically stop the torrent from seeding.

Currently our server are located below, more server are coming soon.

  • Netherland
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • United Stated (Coming Soon)
  • Singapore (Coming Soon)

Yes, no problem. However it means you will have an unmanaged dedicated server not a seedbox. You will be the admin of your server responsible for its management.

We supply the server for you, and you have to setup from A to Z by your own self.

It’s hard to say. We don’t create limits, the speed is allotted dynamically. What it mostly depends on is the number of users who share the HDD and how active they are.

Once you have paid for your seedbox we send you a mail with all your login details etc, in case you are still waiting for the mail it is likely that it ended up in your spam mail, if you still cant find it then please raise a support ticket to us from your client area or let us know in the online chat.