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Sebelum anda melangkah lebih jauh, biar saya terangkan kepada anda apa perbezaan antara public torrent dan juga private tracker. Secara umumnya, public torrent boleh diakses secara percuma tanpa anda perlu mendaftar untuk anda akses ke torrent tersebut. Manakala private torrent anda perlu mendaftar terlebih dahulu sebelum anda boleh download torrent yang anda mahukan itu. Di bawah ini saya sertakan sedikit perbezaan antara public torrent dan juga private torrent untuk anda memahami dengan lebih ringkas.


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IPTorrents is a private tracker specializing in general content with a giant torrent database. There you can find the torrents that even the other general trackers don't have. Maintaining ratio is easy due to the many freeleech torrents and many leecheers. ​


TorrentDay is the middle sister of IPtorrent, Speed.CD, SceneTime, TorrenTing, Deildu. "same owner". They have very good pretimes and a great variety of movies, tv, anime, software, audio, books, documentaries, games for most devices.


JPopsuki is a gazelle-based Asian music tracker. It has Flac / Lossless content, mp3, DVDs and ISO CDs, some HDTV videos and openings and endings of animes. Speeds are good here.


HD-Space is 9 years old HD tracker for Movies/TV BluRay Disks and BluRay encodes. It has very good internal encoders "RightSiZE, CRiSPY, SpaceHD, HDSpace, BluPanther". Also they have external encodes like "CtrlHD, EbP, DON, VETO, EVO, DIMENSION, Viet3X, and SPARKS". They provide good pretimes. Speed is great with many seedboxes. They have freeleech content plus the bonus system makes it easy to build good ratio. Community is good and helpful. The tracker looks great, very easy to browse with stylish and nice dark design. Many categories like movies,music,animation,xxx,TV,software and others.


AvistaZ (ex-AsiaTorrents) is one of the best Asian trackers for Asian (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Thai etc.) stuff. Asian TV-Shows, movies and music are regularly uploaded there. As far as I can see, there is no XXX stuff but only some erotica movies. Although the interface is in English, you won’t find any English content on AvistaZ (maybe some English subtitles). For English content or other stuff, you may visit its sister sites PrivateHD, AnimeTorrents, CinemaZ and ExoticaZ.

Pass The Popcorn

PassThePopcorn is the biggest and most known movies private tracker. It contains all kinds of movies including new, old, rare and foreign movies. The path to enter the golden gates of PTP isn't easy task, signup is only available by an invitation and getting one require PU badge and enough points. PTP require their useres to use invitations only for personal use. Any illegal use of invitation can lead for disabling the ability to invite friends and even for ban.